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Book a time online. Arrive 10-minutes before your scheduled time, Our foyer is full of mini puzzles for you to get your brain working on.
You will then be apart of a brief for your team about your mission. We do not allow phones in our Game Zones. We have locked lockers for your belongings while you are completing your mission.
Get Ready.


You walk into the Game Zone. It’s Dark, where do you start? Find some clues that will help your team stay alive.

03SOLVE 03

You are now left in a room with your team, it’s up to your teams brains to get you out of here.
Find clues, solve puzzles and escape the madness in 60-minutes.


The clock hits 00:00. Did you make it out alive? If you failed our friendly staff will unlock the final door and explain how you could of stayed alive.


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