Covid 19 Info

At Padlock’d the safety and satisfaction of our customers and staff has always been our biggest priority. During these uncertain times we have implemented some new rules and regulations to make everyone feel certain of their safety on our premises.

We have implemented some social distancing rules for the safety of our customers and staff:

  • There is a 1.5m distance rule between customers and staff. There are markers throughout our venue to keep everyone safely apart.
  • We have a safe capacity limit for our foyer to prevent overcrowding. This is 1 person per 4 square metres.
  • Our sessions have been staggered so that you will not have close contact with another team.
  • Our sessions, as they have always been, remain private so that you will only be in our escape rooms with the people you have booked to play with.
  • Our sessions have a maximum capacity of 6 people to prevent overcrowding in the escape rooms.

We have implemented some new cleaning routines to keep you safe on our premises:

  • We use a bleach disinfectant to clean all surfaces in our foyer every hour.
  • We use a bleach disinfectant to clean all surfaces and props in our escape rooms after every team.
  • Our staff wear gloves whilst cleaning and dispose of them afterwards.
  • All cleaning is done with disposable cloths and wipes which are changed every time.

We have also implemented some general things regarding the safety of our staff and customers:

  • We have +70% alcohol hand sanitiser available to be used upon entry and exit to the premises and the escape rooms.
  • We are operating with minimal staff to reduce the number of people on the premises.
  • We are no longer accepting cash, we can take contactless payment only
  • Our board games for sale must not be touched unless you wish to buy them
  • We have signs to remind staff and customers about the symptoms of COVID-19.
  • We have a nominated ‘Safe Practice Champion’ on every shift to remind staff and customers of the rules to stay safe.
  • We will log the contact details of all customers via our waiver system so that you can be contacted if any of our customers or staff report as positive for COVID-19.

We hope that these new rules and regulations will allow you to feel comfortable and safe on our premises. This is a challenging time for everyone and we want to prioritise the health and safety of our customers whilst giving you the best escape room experience in Australia